“You will travel to find your true self, free from worldly desire”

Enjoy Mihwangsa Templestay

1. Give up your ego
People say " I will really put everything aside and go somewhere" but there is one thing that one can not give up.
There will be no change. You have to leave your ego behind for “THE TRUE JOURNEY TO YOURSELF”; leave likes and dislikes, desire and greed, anger and attachment.
Your likes and dislikes, desire and greed, anger and attachment.
Leave all and just come with your open heart to find out your true self.

2. Be as you are
You may stay with other participants once you come for a retreat, but you stay alone.
Being alone doesn't mean that you go deep in the mountain to the cave and hide from the world.
The true meaning of being alone is to stay in your heart in peace.
The freedom of being at peace from your past memories, or worries about the future.
An Observation beyond time and space, awakening from ignorance.
That is what we call our true self. Being just as we are.

3. Everything is meditation and path
Walking Meditation
When you practice walking meditation, you have to concentrate on each pace you take. There is no talking during the walking meditation. If you have to talk, you can stop walking. This way you can be totally with the person whom you are talking to.
When you finish your conversation with someone, you can continue your walking meditation.
Walking meditation in nature helps you to realize your existence in this universe along with trees, plants and wind, in harmony.
Sitting Meditation
When you practice sitting meditation, you can think of the Buddha at the great Buddha hall.
While in your sitting meditation, you will realize that you can be with anything in your meditation.
Many things will come and go in your mind but by concentration you will learn to empty your mind.
Dado (Tea Meditation)
It's a time to share with monks and other participants and drink tea with awareness.

Ulryeok (Working Meditation)
Ulryeok means people in the temple work together. In ‘Seon’ Buddhism Ulryeok is considered an important process of Buddhist practice. Meditation of ‘Seon’ Buddhism has no form. You can do meditation while Moving, Standing, Sitting and Lying. Ulryeok is related with Buddhist practice. If you sweep the yard, you do not just clean the yard you also clean the dust of your delusion.
Dharma Talk (Question and Answer time with monk) 

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