One day Templestay

- Daily Templestay

Daily Templestay Program is open from Monday to Friday. It starts at 1pm and finish 3pm. In 2 hours you can learn the structure of Korean Buddhist Temple including Buddhism and while drinking tea you can ask about Buddhism.

Program: Temple Tour and Tea Time

Fee: 10,000 (KRW) May be in the form of a donation

Everyday Templestay (minimum 1 night 2days)

- Self*Reflection Templestay: “Sound of Silence” (Regular Program)

“Sound of Silence” is one of the main Temple Stay Programs of Mihwangsa. This program is always open 365 days-a-year and is a freestyle program. In this program the focus is on meditation which leads you to find yourself and who you are. Participants can also enjoy learning temple etiquette and having tea and conversation with monks in the evening and other programs in the daytime which include hiking in the beautiful forest which surrounds Mihwangsa and making lotus lanterns and prayer beads after you retire. At any time participants are free to take a rest in nature.

- Hwaeom Hoesang

This program is for a group. You can experience not just traditional Buddhist culture but also learning Buddhist practice. Other programs in the daytime which include hiking in the beautiful forest which surrounds Mihwangsa and either making lotus lanterns or prayer beads or Takbon (rubbing art) after you request. We can adjust Templestay Schedule after discussion with you.

* You can stay more than 1night 2days after your decision

Templestay in particular days

- 'Seon' Meditation Templestay for 3days (the first weekend in every month)

“Seon Meditation known also as ‘Zen or Chamseon’ for three days” is focused on the Buddhist practice of Seon meditation. Participants can be beginners to advanced practitioners. 

This program is held the first weekend in every month.

- Welcoming Spring Templestay (2017.04.01.-04.02)

Another Temple Stay program called “Welcoming Spring” displays Mihwangsa’s beauty and features the beautiful Camellia Flowers, Azaleas, Plum and Cherry Blossoms. Come pick blossoms with your children and join us in the kitchen to prepare pancakes with the blossoms! 

- Buddha's Birthday Templesty (2017.04.29.-05.07)

On Buddha’s Birthday 3rd May in this year we celebrate a variety of events like the “Ceremony for Buddha’s Birthday” and the “Amateur Singer’s Contest for the Elderly”. Also, don’t miss our famous open air market! 

- Gaebuljae Templestay (2017.10.28.-10.29)

Gaebul is a large banner painting (12m tall and 5m wide) used in Buddhist temples during big outdoor events. The Gwaebul was painted by 7 monks in 1727 and was mostly filled with the large portrait of the Buddha at the center, while the dragon King and Queen were depicted in the lower part. Mihwangsa Gwaebul ceremony, called Gwaebuljae is held once a year in autumn with a valuable painting of the Buddha, which is only shown in public once in a year and displayed during a festival. Gwaebuljae in this year is going to be held on 28th of October. People gather together and make offerings related to their achievements during the year they will pray to express their gratitude for their good fortune, and then share food together. After Gwaebuljae, there will be a music concert in the temple.

- Sunrise and Sunset Templestay (2016.12.31.-2017.01.01.)

Mihwangsa is an elegant temple located in the Dalma Mountain which is placed in the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, so-called “Land’s End Village.” You can see the cool and refreshing West Sea.

The rocky ridge of Dalma Mountain surrounds Mihwangsa, as if the landscape is from the panel of a folding screen. Also, the brightness of the rising sun, as seen at dusk from the temple, has been a wondrous sight for many people for a long period of time.

Every year from December 31st to January 1st, Mihwangsa has a “Sunset and New Year’s Dawn Templestay".
 You can see the sun set over the West Sea in front of Eungjindang and it will rise again on New Year’s morning over Dalmasan.

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